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The first of its kind in New Zealand Honey Cosmetics NZ brings you our very own DIY LASH SINGLES

• Lasts up to 7 days + with good care.
• Reusable
• mixed variable lengths
• mix of D & C curl 
• 3 easy steps, with simple no stress application
• Our singles lash clusters are pre- mapped & ready to apply. 
• CLEAR invisible band making them undetectable on your eyelashes!
• Light weight & Comfortable 
• Allergy free Lash bond to ensure no irritation to your eyes.


• Each cluster sits individually underneath your natural eyelashes. Our singles lash clusters come PRE- MAPPED this means you do not have to cut them as they are already mapped out to fit your eye shape.

• Our clusters last for up to 7 days even longer with good care.

CAREFULLY take your chosen lash cluster out of the lash tray, (we recommend starting from the outer corner and working your way to your inner corner vice versa as the lashes are already designed pre mapped to fit your eye shape )

step 1 - apply a thin coat of bond underneath your natural lashes paying close attention to the roots we recommend 1 mm away from your waterline, wait 30-60 seconds for it to dry. (we do also recommend applying the bond directly to the lash segment as we have found it creates a better hold)

step 2 - Apply the cluster lash underneath your natural  lashes you can start from either the middle of your eye or from the outer to inner or vice versa, the choice is entirely up to you just be sure you are following the way the lashes are mapped out.

• step 3 - use applicator to press lashes together for maximum hold.

• step 4 - Seal the lashes using our very own lash sealer by lightly brushing underneath your cluster lashes.

• step 5 - You're done! easy as that in just under 5 minutes!